What are the General Conditions of Life Insurance?

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Life insurance is preferred by many people today. The detailed definition is the case where the insured person pays the insurance price to the person or insured persons if the insured person dies or survives longer than the period specified in the contract.

The beneficiary in Insurance Policy

Beneficiary in Insurance Policy

Life insurance allows the person to secure their loved ones in the event of an unexpected event, while also saving the person. The person whom the insured person chooses to pay in any case is called the beneficiary.

The beneficiary or beneficiary of the insurance contract may be the legal guardian of the person or the person who is not related. The beneficiaries are selected by the insured person.

Non-Insurance Conditions

Non-Insurance Conditions

Under the conditions specified in the life insurance, the payment is made if the person dies or survives longer than the specified one. Some cases are not covered by insurance and include:

If the person whose life is insured dies in air travels other than the capacity of a passenger, death compensation is not paid.

If the insured person dies during suicide or attempted suicide, the insurer pays the insured’s current caution, regardless of mental health during the suicide.

If the beneficiary of the insurance (the beneficiary) kills or helps the insured person to be killed, he is deprived of the insurance cost and this amount is paid to the heirs of the deceased person.

Unless otherwise specified, the insurance is not valid in case of war. Likewise, if the insured person dies in conditions such as AIDS, nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, except for treatment or sabotage, the insurer is only liable to pay prudence.

Policy Validity and Special Conditions


Insurance applies anywhere in the world no matter where the person is.

If it is decided to pay the whole life insurance premium or in installments, the insured person is obliged to pay the first installment on the policy delivery and the rest on the specified dates.

If the person who has made the insurance has passed away before the payment of the first premium, the insurance shall be deemed null and void.

Special terms can be added to the insurance contract in a way that does not contradict the general conditions.

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