15 Year Credit Purchase: Possible Without Mortgage15 Year Credit Purchase: Possible Without Mortgage

The purchase of credit over 15 years is one of the options available to improve the financial situation of a household. By grouping debts in repayment over fifteen years, you can reduce the monthly payments to pay. Then, it is also a way to take out a loan without having a mortgage.


Eligibility for 15-year credit redemption

Eligibility for 15-year credit redemption

The 15-year credit redemption is primarily for homeowners who have finished paying their homes. This offer is also intended for those who are in the process of accession. Long kept at 12 years, the maximum duration of a grouping of credits has recently changed. For some time, it is possible to subscribe to this financial operation for fifteen years. Employees and retirees are also beneficiaries of 15-year credit surrenders. As a reminder, offers are currently available to French residents of France.


What are the benefits of such a financial offer?


Since the duration of the contract with the new creditor is fairly extensive, the beneficiaries of a 15-year credit redemption benefit greatly. It starts with a monthly payment. The advantage of this option lies in the fact that it is accessible without any mortgage. As a result, the procedure to follow also remains simpler.

The expenses of file always exist but they are lightened. Subscribers will not have a notary fee to bear. Method of payment and other details 180. This is the number of monthly payments that a beneficiary of a 15-year credit surrender must honor. The amount of these payments varies from one contract to another. Generally, the amount of this credit redemption is from 30000 euros.

The current ceiling for this type of financing is 200,000 euros. As far as the rate is concerned, financial institutions have their own pricing policy. It is possible to find offers with a rate around 1.8%. This type of repurchase of credit also has the distinction of being renegotiable according to the needs of the subscriber.

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